• Moore's Motocross was previously known as MX 573 Practice Track, until the Moore family took over.

  • In 2014 Moore's Motocross was created. The Moore Family, Kevin, Kathy and their daughter Sarah, set out to create a place that riders and racers can come a put some laps down. They wanted to create a place where first time riders can learn how to ride. And with that dream Moore's Motocross was created.

  • Moore's Motocross has one main track with small and large jumps and bypasses around all jumps, and one kiddie track for the little ones.

  • There are no 20 minute motos here. Riders come and ride for as long as they want for as many motos as they want (within our hours of course)

  • This track is soley for practice and we do not hold any races. This gives riders a chance to really enhance their skills.






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